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07-16-2020 07:36 AM
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Sorry to say, I kind of dropped the ball and didn't push Esri for a Metadata SIG in the virtual UC this year. I apologize, I simply didn't think of it. 

Nevertheless, there is a lot of great content in the UC on open systems and interoperability, see:  and:Aleta Vienneau‌'s on-demand tech session: Understanding and Using Metadata in ArcGIS. Aleta recorded a nice video reviewing the metadata experience on Desktop and Online, and demonstrating value of metadata when rescuing old data. She also showed how to set up metadata on ArcGIS Enterprise so that metadata updates migrate and stay in synch to AGOL when edited. If you did not sign up for the EsriUC, the EsriUC content is expected to go public on September 1 (if not earlier). 

Personally, I had some experience with the Python metadata module this year, using it in this tool DLG To GDB  that imports DLG data, I wanted to capture some of the information stored in the original DLG file in the metadata so it would not be lost to the sands of time. It worked great! So if you want to see a real-world example of that ArcGIS Pro arcpy module, you can download that tool. (Even if you don't have Interoperability Extension and can't run the tool, you can edit the script tool to look at the python code and see what it does.)

I did catch up with Aleta yesterday through the EsriUC networking tool. She is planning a Metadata SIG online meeting later this year, look for details posted here to the Metadata community soon.

Warm regards, metadata-heads! I missed meeting you in San Diego!

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