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03-04-2016 03:59 PM
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We will have our Metadata Special Interest Group meeting at the 2016 User Conference​ in San Diego.

We will get an update from David Danko on Esri's work with standards, and from Aleta Vienneau we'll hear what's happening on the product end. This is a great opportunity to tell them what we want as Esri users too.

Metadata developers, implementors, and users also give informal presentations.

Wednesday, June 29, 5-7 PM PDT, Rm 29C SDCC

You can join us from off-site too:

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  • Phone: 703-648-4848 76926#
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It's an opportunity but I'd rather give input to affect this year's User Conference, otherwise you potentially have to wait a year if it's something you'd like to see address at the UC. For example, I'd love to see an advanced metadata workshop.  There are elements of metadata that are not exported when running the ArcGIS2FGDC.  Not sure hope popular it would be but I'd like to learn how to customize the metadata stylesheets.

It's too bad attendees can't propose workshops for the UC that are then voted on in time for the upcoming UC.  In 2013 I remember getting a preconference survey but when I attended in 2014 I didn't receive any.  Our local ESRI support person said survey's were sent out for the 2014 UC but I never received one.

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The pre-conference survey is a very important opportunity to tell Esri what's bugging you. If you are signed up to attend, you should get the email with the link... if not I'm pretty sure it gets posted on the website too.

The metadata stylesheets can be customized using Esri's metadata toolkit, together with some knowledge of XML and WPF. We had a great presentation on such a customization effort to support military metadata at our 2013 meeting.

Feel free to post your question here in this forum about your metadata conversion issue, or open a support incident. I suspect that the core issue is that ArcGIS metadata is very ISO in flavor so sometimes it's difficult to directly translate to CSDGM. Esri has made a lot of improvements to their XSLT (XML transform) but it still can be a challenge.

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