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Sorry to say, I kind of dropped the ball and didn't push Esri for a Metadata SIG in the virtual UC this year. I apologize, I simply didn't think of it. 

Nevertheless, there is a lot of great content in the UC on open systems and interoperability, see:  and:Aleta Vienneau‌'s on-demand tech session: Understanding and Using Metadata in ArcGIS. Aleta recorded a nice video reviewing the metadata experience on Desktop and Online, and demonstrating value of metadata when rescuing old data. She also showed how to set up metadata on ArcGIS Enterprise so that metadata updates migrate and stay in synch to AGOL when edited. If you did not sign up for the EsriUC, the EsriUC content is expected to go public on September 1 (if not earlier). 

Personally, I had some experience with the Python metadata module this year, using it in this tool DLG To GDB  that imports DLG data, I wanted to capture some of the information stored in the original DLG file in the metadata so it would not be lost to the sands of time. It worked great! So if you want to see a real-world example of that ArcGIS Pro arcpy module, you can download that tool. (Even if you don't have Interoperability Extension and can't run the tool, you can edit the script tool to look at the python code and see what it does.)

I did catch up with Aleta yesterday through the EsriUC networking tool. She is planning a Metadata SIG online meeting later this year, look for details posted here to the Metadata community soon.

Warm regards, metadata-heads! I missed meeting you in San Diego!

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From the‌ - reposting here for wider distribution

Standards-compliant metadata is already supported for items throughout the ArcGIS platform for viewing and editing in ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise. Support for more recent updates to the ISO 19115 standard (-1/2/3) are under development.

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise now allow users to view layer-level metadata for hosted feature layers from the layer's item page. The metadata is displayed in the style configured by the organization. Additionally, when exporting hosted feature layers to a file geodatabase or to shapefiles, layer-level metadata is included in the exported feature classes. At present, the layer-level metadata is read-only; it will be editable in the future.

In ArcGIS Pro 2.1, we introduced the ability for map layers either to reference a read-only version of their source data's metadata (the default), or to have their own metadata independent of the source data’s metadata. With the release of ArcGIS Pro 2.2, users are able to import metadata to an item, save a copy of ArcGIS metadata to a file on disk, and export an item’s metadata to a standard-format XML file. Users are also able to upgrade metadata created in ArcGIS Desktop 9.x (for example) to the ArcGIS metadata format so it can be viewed and managed in ArcGIS Pro. When publishing a map from ArcGIS Pro, the map’s full ArcGIS metadata will be published with the data and transferred to the portal item. Using ArcGIS Pro’s metadata import capabilities full metadata can be transferred from local maps to the portal items that were published with earlier versions of ArcGIS Pro.

When ArcGIS Pro 2.2 is used together with ArcGIS Enterprise the process of updating metadata for published content will be more streamlined than ever. If you publish a map service where layers reference data in an enterprise geodatabase that is registered as a data store item, and the map layers reference the data source’s metadata—updates to the feature class metadata are instantly available in the portal when someone views metadata for the service’s layers.

With the Pro 2.3 release (Jan ‘19), you can create Metadata for a Project and extend Pro with the Pro Metadata Toolkit ( The ArcGIS Pro Metadata Toolkit provides resources to create an Add-In that allows you to customize the pages that appear in the ArcGIS Pro metadata editor to suit your organizational, community, or regional requirements.

For the upcoming Pro 2.4 release, Esri will begin a phased approach for supporting the newer ISO 19115-1 and the 19115-3 specifications by first allowing import of an ISO 19115-3 metadata file; however, this file will lose any new attributes not supported by old standard upon import. Full support for ISO 19115-1/2/3 is planned for a Pro 2.5 release.

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Date: 07/12/2017   05:30 PM - 07:00 PM
SDCC - Room 28 A

If you aren't attending EsriUC, you can also join online!   >> Register here <<

This Esri User Conference Metadata Special Interest Group has a long tradition going back at least a decade. The meeting will include informal presentations from Esri staff who work on implementing and supporting metadata across the ArcGIS platform. Esri participates in the ISO standards committees so we get an up to date status report on the ISO metadata standards process. This is a great opportunity to hear where things are going and to provide feedback to Esri.

Have you used the Metadata Toolkit? Have you developed an interesting or useful metadata workflow? We are interested in some informal user presentations as well. Contact me Curtis Price if interested in sharing your knowledge.

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The ArcGIS 10.5 Metadata Toolkit has been released on the Esri downloads site. 

This toolkit provides documentation and software that allow you to customize the metadata viewing and editing experience in ArcGIS Desktop (ArcCatalog, ArcMap, ArcGlobe). Although some customizations only require editing of configuration files (no coding), others require the use .NET/WPF development tools.

ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit 10.5.x 

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We will have our Metadata Special Interest Group meeting at the 2016 User Conference​ in San Diego.

We will get an update from David Danko on Esri's work with standards, and from Aleta Vienneau we'll hear what's happening on the product end. This is a great opportunity to tell them what we want as Esri users too.

Metadata developers, implementors, and users also give informal presentations.

Wednesday, June 29, 5-7 PM PDT, Rm 29C SDCC

You can join us from off-site too:

  • Register for WebEx
  • Phone: 703-648-4848 76926#

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With the way our state is serving GIS data through our GEOHUB, we can load the metadata to the site in either FGDC or ISO formats.  I have been having a problem exporting the metadata for the map services that we needed to upload.  I have found where the metadata is stored on the server for the map service.  The best part of this is if you set the metadata to the FGDC standard then this is the stored version in the metadata location on the server.  the user can give their system administrator the following path (with key items changed to your server), and then copy the xml to a location of your choosing.  The user can then change the name to a name that makes sense to them.  Here is the path:


The cool thing is there is no need to export, at this point because this file is in the format that you choose all ready.  I hope this helps people who may be new to setting up metadata for a map service.

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Please join us for the FGDC ISO Metadata Implementation Forum on Wednesday August 13, 2014 from 3:00 - 4:30 pm Eastern Time. 

Call Information:

Phone: (703) 648-4848 or Toll Free: (855) 547-8255
Code: 26246184# (same for both numbers)
WebEx: - Select: "(50) FGDC ISO Implementation Forum"


Applications of the ISO Metadata Implementation Model Workflow

Use Cases of ISO Metadata Implementation based on the the Model Workflow from data management organizations

3:00 – 3:15 Welcome and Introduction - Jennifer Carlino, FGDC Metadata Coordinator

Presenters (with time for Q&A):

3:15 –3:45       Kimberly DuranteMetadata Analyst, Stanford University Libraries

3:45 – 4:15      Steve Richard – Research Geologist, Arizona Geological Survey and U.S. Geoscience Information Network

4:15 – 4:15      Discussion

4:30                Adjourn

Jennifer Carlino
U.S. Geological Survey
Core Science SystemsFGDC Metadata Coordinator

Acting Community for Data Integration Coordinator
Denver Federal Center PO Box 25046, Bldg 810,
Room 8000, MS302 Denver, CO 80225
Ph 303.202.4260 | Cell 303.875.9622
Fax 303.202.4229 | E-mail:

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