Hello, My Name is Xavier Bustos and I work at esri Venezuela. Happy to be in esri Community.

05-05-2021 06:51 AM
Esri Contributor

I´ve working in the GIS area for more than 25 years. Currently  i ´m focusing mainly in programming using Python 3.0 within ArcGIS Pro environment. Working on GeoAI using Lidar and other platforms. 

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Hello @XavierBustos and welcome to Esri Community! I hope you are finding what you need in the community.  There are a lot of great resources and members to connect with. Here are some spots to check out if you haven't found them already:


ArcGIS Pro - Esri Community

Python - Esri Community

ArcGIS API for Python - Esri Community

Let me know if you need any help navigating the site.  



Community Manager, Esri Community Team.