Greetings from TN Crime Analyst Katherine Hill-Benefield

10-14-2020 05:40 AM
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Greetings from the world of Law Enforcement and Intelligent Mapping!  I love the Crime Analyst Toolbar, it made life so much simpler toward density of incidents analysis and GPS tracing.  Then, adding the Military Tools allowed me to create distance products.  Not coming to GIS as a trained professional is an interesting path to say the least.  Magnificent Tutorials offered by our International Association of Crime Analysts associates greatly eased the learning curve.  I'm anxious to network with other LEA Professionals and learn from the rest of you experts.

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Community Team

Welcome, Katherine Hill!

Thanks for joining us here in the Esri Community and sharing your background! Check out our Public Safety space with the Law Enforcement category to connect with other professionals in the field. We hope you can share some of your tips and favorite insights there about working with the Crime Analysis tools. If you haven't done so already, take a look at our Product Communities for discussions happening with the products you use the most or might be curious about.

We'll be updating our platform soon, so keep in touch with the GeoNet Lounge space for upcoming announcements. 

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