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Hello, this is my first post but I have referenced the boards off and on for about two years. 

I am studying Data Science with a GIS minor at Iowa State University. I have used ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro during my studies. I have used the arcpy library for a GIS programming & automation class and I just finished a remote sensing class. 

This summer I am diving into Utility Network for Telecom as a part of a pilot project for an IT group. We want to map the university's network infrastructure using GIS as a replacement for the CAD line-drawings currently maintained by the facilities team.


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Hello @Maxwell_Jay_iastate,

Thanks for joining us in Esri Community and introducing yourself! Based on some of the topics you've been focused on, I would check out the Telecommunications place where they are posting some great content about the intersection of GIS and telecommunications.  @JunJie-Ma and @PatrickHuls_SpatialNinja have been contributing to a Telecom in Five Minutes series. The latest episode is a recap of the series that might be useful to check out! 

You may already be familiar with the community from browsing before, but if not, check out the following spaces related to your previous studies:

ArcGIS Utility Network
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Pro
Imagery and Remote Sensing

If you need any help with navigating the community or want to know about the latest content from around Esri Community, check out our Community Basics page and subscribe to our blog.

Good luck with your pilot project! 


Edit: I'd recommend checking out Education Administration as well. 

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