using mavic 2 drone with arcmap?

06-12-2020 10:07 AM
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Does anyone use a dji mavic 2 with Arcmap? Can you simply download the image from the drone and overlay it in arcmap without using something like drone2map?

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You can...

However I feel like you are cutting yourself short on what a drone can do in ArcGIS. This last year Esri has completed an end to end process around drone management in gis. With Site Scan for ArcGIS you can plan the flight, have the drone automatically collect the imagery, process the imagery into multiple GIS Products and use them directly in ArcGIS Online, Portal or download to your local machine to be used in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. 

Plan | Fly | Process | Analyze 

The software can produce Orthomosaics, DTM, DSM, Contour, LAS, 3D Mesh and Scene, Volumetric Calculation and all you have to do is tell it where to fly tell it what you want processed and open it when its complete. 

Check out the Story Map Below.

ArcGIS StoryMaps 

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