Use Schematics for transportation network

03-24-2016 04:28 AM
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I'm trying to get familiar with the Schematics functionality of ArcGIS (10.3). I went through the tutorials and I followed the quick start configuration for transportation (Quick start configuration for Transportation | ArcGIS Resource Center) but I am not able to "tell" schematics what I want. I also looked at this post Create route maps with the ArcGIS schematics extension | ArcGIS Blog but I neither worked with a geometric network before so maybe I didn't configure the geometric network well enough for using it in schematics.

What I have:

- Several bus lines, partly overlapping

- Bus lines that operate in a certain area only one way (like a loop)

- bus stops which are partly served by different busses

- bus stops that are only served in one direction

What I need:

- A schematic view of the bus lines (routes), e.g. with reduced vertices or just as straight lines, showing where the routes intersect/connect, and showing the bus stops for each line.

- Where bus routes overlap they should be shifted automatically (should be solved by "Partly overlapping links" as far as I understood).

- The Schematic view should also be able to symbolize the one way loop, e.g. with small arrows.

- The Schematic view should visualize differently the stops that are only served in one direction.

What I tried:

- creating a Network Dataset of the bus lines and the bus stops. I managed to get a schematic view of a route but how do I show all the bus routes at once?

- creating a Geometric Network. I selected all my bus stops and all my bus lines and created a schematic view and was able to create a smart tree of the bus lines with all the stops which comes close to what I want. But it does not distinguish visually between the bus lines although in the Layers Data Frame I was giving colors depending on the number of the bus. The lines are all stored in one feature class. And the overlapping lines are not separated how I would like them to be.

My question:

How do I have to organize my data to enable Schematics to make the best out of it (and to do with it what I want)?

I am happy to go more into detail if needed. I hope someone can push me in the right way...

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Hi Nicole,

Did you have any luck with this? I'm also trying to achieve the same thing

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Hi Josh, 

no, unfortunately I had to give up on this. I couldn't figure out how I have to organize my data to get close to what I wanted. 

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