Is there a way to change the drawing order of an extent indicator?

02-23-2018 09:11 AM
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I have two inset maps (contained within two data frames) within my main data frame.  I am displaying point data with labels in the main data frame and some of these labels and point features are obscured by the frame of the extent indicators: is there a way to draw the extent indicators below the point features and lables (i.e send the extent indicators to the back)?

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Did you try reordering them in the table of contents? at least suggested in PRO, so give it a whirl if an equivalent exists in Map

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I think there no way to change the drawing order of an extent indicator.

but you can draw a hollow polygon with the extent of your data frame after you finish layout,then reorder it in TOC to get your the points above . and don't use pan tool after that.

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I've had a similar problem. My solution, in Pro, was to give the extent indictor a coloured fill, set colour transparency to 50% and remove the outline colour.

Map detail, which clashes with the extent indicator, will then show through.

You could try the same with your outline transparency.

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Hi Peter, thanks for the advice.  This sounds like a good workaround.

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