04-18-2012 10:23 AM
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I have a pipeline.
It has two buffer areas around it 600' and 300'
I have an area on my layout for this data driven page to fit into.

I cant make it fit that area at scale to save my life.

I can make it to scale but I  can see the outline of the wont fit the page to the layout...

Oh did I mention it needs to be at 1:300 scale??

On top of this I cannot get anough overlap ( Max of 20 ) to cover the whole 600 foot buffer on the first page... It keeps cutting it off....

So I have to copy the CL and make a DUMMY File to have the data driven pages created from.

Can someone please help me with the scaling issue? I have literally tried everything.
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I know this is an old question but:for future generations:

Please try 1:3600 map scale...

(you may have been a CAD guy, ( sorry CAD guys ))

1" = 300'  (1 inch = 300 feet) has a map scale of 1:3600  (1 inch on the map = 3600 inches on the ground)

Map scale is not the same as Engineer Scale...

You need to use the same units on each side of the ratio.


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