Add a dynamic image or logo?

10-01-2014 08:07 AM
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The problem is that we have more than one company logo.  Is there a way to make this user selectable?  Otherwise I will have to double or triple our predesigned templates.

My ideal solution would be our main logo, right click and use a check box or drop down to select a different one if desired.

I don't know if ArcMap already has some type of solution in place or whether I can do this with ArcObjects or Python.


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a simple quick and dirty solution is to have a data frame loaded with the logos and just have the user turn off and on the logos. To get a little more fancy you could build a raster catalog of your logos,  instead of having all the individual logos loaded, and query the specific logo you are looking for in the raster catalog. Just what comes to mind a the moment. which would require he least amount of effort in my opinion

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