IsEmpty expression not recognising blank attribute values

12-05-2019 06:51 PM
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In ArcGIS Online's pop-up configuration dialog box, I have been trying to create an expression so that a short phrase appears in place of a blank space when an attribute does not contain a value. (I would like the attribute name to appear always.)

E.g., I would like the pop-up to read:

Fish: No fish present

To achieve this, my expression currently reads:

IIF(IsEmpty($feature.Fish),'No fish present',$feature.Fish)

The expression is working in some ways, in that it returns the correct values for the attribute when a value exists. And if I substitute '$feature.Fish' in the expression for a different 'if false' value, such as the word 'absent', it will return:

Fish: absent

My problem is that the 'if true' value ('No fish present') is never returned, it simply returns a blank space, despite my data containing numerous blank values:


Where no values exist in my attribute table the cell is empty (it does not contain "null" or anything else).

I am very grateful for any tips or advice you might have. Thank you!


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