switch basemaps in mapviewer beta

10-28-2020 09:22 AM
New Contributor II

Will the functionlity to switch between basemaps from different projection included in update "support for switching between projections" in mapviewer beta (available in the roadmap) ?

If yes, when will this functionality available ? (initially announced before summer 2020)

If not, will this functionnality be developed soon ? It already exists in the classic mapviewer.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

This is still on our roadmap. We do support some projection switching when adding a tile or vector tile layer as a basemap but currently different basemaps in the gallery is restricted to only basemaps with the same projection.

New Contributor III

Hello Russel, This functionality is essential for our organization. We have a lot of Lambert93 basemaps (French projection) which are incompatible with the ESRI basemaps in the mapviewer beta (same in 3D viewer and all API 4 apps...). This is a huge regression compared to the current mapviewer which worked well.

Thank you for considering our request