Support to configure html in pop-ups in map viewer beta

03-06-2021 09:50 AM
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The classic map viewer has support to add custom html within a pop-up, using this button below.

html interpreter popup configurations.png

I am missing this button in the configure pop-up window in the new map viewer beta. I have tried to configure it in the classic viewer and then opening it in the beta viewer, but the HTML was not shown. Therefore I assume there is no support yet, nor when integrating a classic map in the new configurable web apps (such as Minimalist).

When will this feature be supported in the map viewer beta? In the road map and compatibility guide, I could not fin anything about this specific topic.

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I would guess it just hasn't been fully implemented, but you can see what it might be like in the sidebar. You don't actually have to specify whether you're working with the HTML source or not. Just add your tags to a Text section:


Then click OK:


The HTML is correctly interpreted in the sidebar, but not the popup itself. I'm hoping that eventually transfers to the popup, but for now, I think we wait and hope that it's part of the whole "beta" thing.

Whatever the status of this as-yet-unimplemented feature, you should post it over in the Map Viewer Beta Ideas section. That could get it on the road map, perhaps, or at least confirm whether or not this is already in the product plan.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Thanks for your reply and suggestion.


Yeah, I figured this is probably a beta limitation. I also think the button won’t be there but that the configuration window automatically detects if it’s html, as you shown. Because of this I believe it’s a matter of time, rather than a ‘new idea’. That’s why I posted it here. But thanks for your suggestion to also post such things in the ideas section the next time.

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If it's any help it looks like HTML formatting is still supported, there just isn't anyway to enter it though currently. If you go into AGOL assistant and then modify the .json of your map you get add the html there and it should work.




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Thanks! This is a great workaround for now.

I am pretty sure HTML formatting will be available in the new viewer. You already can do it now as you don't need an extra button like what you need in the classic map viewer. I think the new beta viewer does not render the HTML just yet.