Style range slider will not show

03-01-2021 01:00 PM
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I am trying to do style range slider like in the demos for above and below.


But I never can see the slider shown.


Unless I chose a divide by value then it shows up.


I do not want to divide by anything.  The sample above shows the divide by field blank and still showing a slider.  What I am doing wrong here?  I tried chrome and edge.

In addition when I first saw the slider demoed I assumed it was in the map for the map end users to be able to use the slider dynamically.  But it seems to just be a fancy way to pick static values.  We have 11 diff states of data and all 11 want slightly different values.  Plus some offices need diff values.  I of course cannot be making 11-20 maps so we were really hoping this was interactive with the user.  How cool would that be!

So I would like to see this little guy in the legend.  Our users are not going to know to go into Styles and all of that.


Thanks for any help

Maybe related I am not seeing the histogram in the filter either.  Sometimes it will flicker on the screen then it is gone.

Demo shows


But I get no such thing


Again I wish could be done by the user dynamically vs the map designer.

Thanks for any input

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Started all over again and still stuck.

For the Filter - When you chose a field it starts a status wheel that immediately disappears leaving nothing there.

No histogram.gif

Other times it will say the word histogram but show value range until I click on it.

Says Histo then changes.gif

Anyone know what is going on here.  The service has a lot of fields but not a ton of rows really.  Cannot see to use any of it.


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