Map Viewer Beta editing Survey123 hosted feature service

03-13-2020 12:22 PM
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When attempting to edit a hosted feature service (point feature class) from Survey123 data collection survey the attributes can be updated and saved no problem; but when trying to edit the location the point feature can be moved, but its location always reverts back to the original location upon "update" (cannot be saved/updated to reflect edit to location). This editing process was working fine for us the last few weeks, just noticed the issue today. Is it possible that the Map Viewer Beta was updated today or in the last week or so? Possible might have broken some previous functionality?? I get it is Beta product, just puzzled that this editing was working fine and then today it is not. Thanks! map viewer beta agol hosted feature class@

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Hi Todd Helt,

Thanks for reporting. You are absolutely correct - we did a minor update last week that hasn't been announced yet (due to all the goings-on related to the coronavirus).

Unfortunately we didn't catch the editing issue before the update went live. There is another update planned for a few weeks from now, which will include this fix. 

Apologies for the hassle and that we're not able to fix the regression right away.



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