Map Viewer Beta & Field Maps - Better Adds, Deletes and Updates Control

03-11-2021 11:02 AM
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by Anonymous User
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Hi there,

We are an ArcGIS Enterprise organization looking move to the Field Maps application. While testing out the functionality, I'm not seeing a way to better control what is, or isn't, editable. It appears to be all or nothing for a feature class and it's related records, for all records. If anyone has any knowledge if the below scenario can be currently achieved, or if it's on the roadmap, please let me know.

We are testing the Map Viewer Beta (Windows 5) and Field Maps (Windows_20.4.0_177408)

1. Point Feature Class: no adds or deletes, only updates of select attributes (Viewer Pop-up)

2. Related Records: existing records are view only, but new records can be added (via Field Maps Form)

While there are a lot of benefits to the Field Maps, are there other apps like Collector that provide more flexibility to help prevent accidental updates or deletions.

My thanks in advance!

EDIT: Actually, thinking this through a bit more... It may be possible to get the effect needed in a combination of Feature Service Capabilities (i.e. no deletes, view only etc) and Conditional Visibility on the Field Maps form (i.e. don't show any fields if a condition is met). I'll have to play around a bit. But again, if anyone has some thoughts or insights, they'll be welcomed!

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