Map Beta Viewer Layer Filters Not Working Anymore???

03-31-2021 12:09 PM
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Currently I'm trying to set filters for map layers in a web map using the Map Beta Viewer for use in Field Maps. I have been able to do this until today. Now the layer filter behavior is all over the place. For the layers I've reset a number of times and its defaulting to different or no filters for each of the layers despite saving the filter within the filter properties and then saving the map.

For example I've set a filter on one layer at least 5 times, I save the filter, save the map, open the filter for the layer and there is no expression. For another layer I want the filter to be CreationDate in the last 1 minute. I've set this at least 5 times, save the filter, save the web map, open the filter and it has changed back to CreationDate in the last 20 minutes. This has been something I have been able to set fine.

I can't help but wonder if this behavior corresponds to the AGOL March update?

I would really appreciate some assistance on why this is occurring?



Update: I had to use the ArcGIS Online Assistant and edit the JSON for the web map and set the definition query properties for the layers in there to get the filters I wanted to actually save. Something must be off because I've never had to do this.

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