First Impressions of Map Viewer Beta

11-18-2019 09:15 AM
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The ArcGIS Online team has been working on the Map Viewer Beta for a while and can't wait to hear your initial feedback. Please let us know what your thoughts about the new layout, functionality, pop-ups, smart mapping, etc.

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I've only spent about 5 minutes playing with it, but I like it! I'm particularly excited at the ability to add text (like an HTML button to link to Survey123) AND the existing attributes, so you will  no longer have to reconstruct everything in an HTML table. 

My immediate impression on the layout: having option panes on both the left and right side of the screen isn't very user friendly. With a wide screen (that I'm assuming most of us are using these days) that's a lot of real estate to traverse if you need to quickly run through layers and change a setting. I would like to see both panes on the same side of the screen, preferably the left side since that's where we've all been going to configure layers forever.

Also, I'm noticing some  stuff missing (I'm assuming it just hasn't made it to this beta?)

  • Enable/Disable editing on a layer
  • Editing HTML text in a popup

I was going crazy looking for tables, but now I see that's in "what's next.

Looking forward to more!

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Initial thoughts - once you dive past a drastic change in the user interface...

- This will be a big change for my AGOL webmap users (~500 across multiple projects/groups/teams) - and such a drastic change will be challenging to manage (people will not notice increased functionality - they will notice change first).

- Grouped Feature Datasets - there is no way to expand the Feature dataset (Published Service) to access all the feature layers that are part of them.  For example - we have a Collection System Infrastructure dataset with over 15 layers - allowing users to turn layers on and off as they see fit.  This map viewer - only can see the top name - and not all the layers underneath - unless there is a secret to expanding datasets????

- Printing/Exporting to PDF - did not work at all - multiple attempts.

- Search - moving from top right to middle of toolbar at right - Why?

- Filtering - Does not appear for all layers - in doing side by side comparison (current web map vs. Beta) - there are times in Beta that filter is not available - when available in current webmap.  This will be problematic to AGO admins that have to explain to users why/where/how functionality was removed or not working...hard for me to figure out...

(NOTE - this also seems to happen with Configure Pop-ups, Change Styles and other tools in menu at right)

- Menus - with standard menu on left open, then layer menu, then more option menu - the map gets reduced to about 50% of screen.  Our users need to see map/data - not 50% of screen real estate taken up with menus - that are docked, not floating, can't more.  I understand there is expand/collapse - but when all menus are used - it seems to be just too much...

Example below shows scrunched map - and grayed out tools at right that are available in current map viewer.

Not a fan of the create a new map tool directly under the save map tool.  Wish they were separated by space to avoid accidental selection.

Plus side:

Current basemap is easily identified - that is an improvement from previous webmap viewer.

Still need to do more side by side comparisons to ID additional pluses - I am sure they are there - but upon initial review - found more challenges/potential roadblocks from an AGOL admin perspective.

Looking forward to:

Clustering - intrigued by what this could be...

Will be doing more review...and will see what Beta 2 brings.

What is not clear - will this be just a new webmap viewer - or will this replace all webmaps with this viewer?  Will all users wake up one day with this?  If so - not looking forward to that day.  ESRI could do a lot more communication on that strategy.

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Hey Jeff, 

Here is some info to go along with your feedback.

  • Grouped Feature Datasets -> Expanding Map Image Layers is planned for a future update. Current map image layers have limited functionality in this beta.
  • Printing issues - Are you able to capture any errors in the network or console that can help us debug the issue. 
  • Search was moved to align with the other map tools like measure, directions, location and edit and is not a layer specific tool which the initial grouping of tools are on that right toolbar.
  • Filtering currently only works for Feature Layers. Map Image Layer support is limited at this release and filtering is not supported.
  • New Map button - We block the opening of a new map if you click on that button and there are map changes that have not been saved so no work will be lost.

Thanks for the feedback!


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Kelly Gerrow, first impressions are positive! We recognize that this is in beta and will provide feedback as we come across things. Thanks for rolling this out last night, as previously indicated!

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It really seems like ESRI is continually creating new ways of doing something without perfecting what they already have. So many of us on various GeoNet Communities have asked for basic options for features to be refined across all products and have yet to see them refined across all products. It seems as though the different product developers don't communicate with one another. For example, I don't know how many times I've read in different GeoNet Communities people asking for more robust popup options and functionality out of the box, like offering a side panel popup without additional programming required so that map and app customers/visitors don't have popup information they want to read covering up the part of the map they're learning about. Web AppBuilder has a user made widget that does this, but the Operations Dashboard seems to be ESRI's only online product that offers this out of the box. We wish that same functionality was carried over to the Dashboard themed Web AppBuilder app and to all of the ESRI Story Maps, ArcGIS StoryMaps, and to new products like ArcGIS Experience Builder Beta and this new Map Viewer Beta. I've read over and again replies from ESRI about working on bringing the same functionality in one app to other existing apps, yet instead, all we get is a new way to do something via a new product and the inevitable newly associated GeoNet Community to post the same request in that we've been asking to have for years in all of the other GeoNet Communities.

Other than that, thanks for all of the great work you do that allows us the opportunity to better inform our customers via GIS online and offline!

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The Map Viewer Beta supports docked popups. You can dock the popup by clicking the button in the top right of the popup. This state is preserved in the app so the next map you open in the Map Viewer Beta the popup will be docked. This isnt stored in the web map yet but is a user choice and we preserve that choice. Thanks for your feedback!

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Thanks for the information Russell. Since most of our users aren't mapping geeks like us, we want them to do as little digging as possible to get to the information we are providing. Choice is a great thing, but we've found that users will turn away before taking the time to find out how to move or dock something if it's not that way by default.

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Doesn't work for our organization because our Chrome is an older version. Any idea when the roll out for Microsoft Edge/IE will be available?

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We are working on Edge support. IE support is not planned. 

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