Error occurred while loading this layer

09-11-2020 05:49 AM
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Since the outage or issue with AGOL yesterday several of my layers do not load. Any idea when this will fully be resolved?

The affected layers are point, polygon, and tile.

I also posted this in the AGOL forum as well because it needs to be corrected ASAP, 

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Only some of my layers in my map are failing to load. They are working on a different computer and on my mobile app but not on my laptop?

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EDIT 1/14/2021

ESRI called back to confirm the drawing issues I have been experiencing over the last several days were related to intermittent problems on their end. Everything seems to be working fine again.  


I just started experiencing this issue last week with a bunch of AGOL hosted feature services. In one of my troubleshooting tests I even created a new empty point feature layer (no GPS metadata or anything special) directly in AGOL and added it to a new map only to get the error message that the layer couldn't draw completely.  I'm experiencing issues loading layers in Collector, Field Maps and the classic Web Map Viewer. I have an open case with ESRI but I'm curios if others are experiencing this. I am scrambling as I have field users who are collecting GPS data and none of my maps are working  properly. 

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Hi @AlinaT ,

I also am intermittently experiencing issues similar to yours with just 1 or 2 of my AGOL layers failing to load. I have not had this error occur before, but wanted to let you know yes others are experiencing a similar issue. I hope Esri can get it resolved or provide clarity on what is causing it. I am also getting field apps set up for the upcoming field season.

I also notice in the AGOL content when I click the Overview tab for my feature layer , the feature layer and related table no longer even show, no urls, nothing???? I see the name of the feature layer in the content within my folder but when I click to view the usual details no feature layers show which I've never seen happen before in AGOL and its very troubling!