custom attribute display using HTML

11-20-2019 12:32 PM
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Would the Map Viewer Beta support custom attribute display using HTML

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Try the rich text content element in pop-ups. Currently this doesn't support html tags but has quite a few options to change the styling of the pop-up information. Which html elements are you looking to include? Could you provide some additional details about the ideal pop-up you would like to make? You will need to use the supported html tags outlined in this documentation: Supported HTML—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

Check out Paul's blog about pop-ups for more details about content elements in pop-ups.

Fast, flexible and fun: The new pop-up experience in the next generation Map Viewer Beta 

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I would like the ability to change the color of text according to an expression.  For instance, if the predominant value in a census tract is 'Non-Hispanic White' then return the hex value '83c337'. I would then add this expression in place of the hex value in the html so that the color of the text changed according to the attribute of interest.  

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Also here looking for guidance on supported (or not supported) HTML in Map Viewer Beta. I'd also like to change color of the text based on a value as suggested above by Laura, as well as show a button, etc.

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@KellyGerrow I also would like an ability to configure popups using HTML. I have a need similar to @LauraSharp to change a color of the text and/or background according to an expression. 

Here is my html in old map viewer

<b>Address</b>: {USER_Address}<br /><b>Facility Type:</b> {USER_FacilityType}<br /><b>Rating:</b> <font color="{expression/expr2}{expression/expr2}"> <span style="background-color: {expression/expr0}{expression/expr1};"><b>{USER_RATING}</b></span></font><br /><b>Last Inspection:</b> {USER_CURRENT_}

And here are example of my pop-ups:







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by Anonymous User
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Does anyone know if HTML for Pop-ups is on the development roadmap for Map Viewer Beta?

Requirement: Read only popup of not null attributes

The HTML option in Viewer Classic works great, but cannot be modified in Viewer Beta.

The alternative Viewer Beta Arcade "TextFormatting.NewLine" is not recognizing the newline and strings the results together. And I honestly don't know if there would be a way to list the results as a table.