Add more settings for attachments in popups

01-07-2020 10:48 PM
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Please add more settings to the attachments gallery so that it looks more professional.

* Show image name > true/false

* remove title "Attachments" (or make it configurable)

* image size

Sample comparing AGOL Beta-Viewer and Experience Builder Beta with a try to create a interactive skimap

Concerning the usage of popups > I would prefer to configure the popup behaviour in the application using it > e.g. add support to the experience builder to change the popup configuration for the current app.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Thanks for the feedback Markus,

How do you currently create the title for your attachments? Is it during data collection?

For the image size, would you want to specify a specific size or have the image fill the entire pop up. 

Jianxia Song‌ regarding the differences in image sizes between map viewer beta and experience builder beta. I believe this is caused by a change in the JS API which should be picked up in the next release.


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Hi Kelly,

images are collected with scripts from the open data platform of Zurich Tourism. 

For the size: of course I would prefer both options 🙂 I think filling up the width is the preferred option. 

From my perspective the best option would be to allow html formatting and images as placeholder, e.g. {image[0]} for the first attached image of the current feature.

Regards, Markus

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This is really one of my main requested features that I would like to see added to popups: dynamically resizing controls on popups (and/or with resize handles to the bottom right side as we know them from forms) and make images dynamically adjust to the size of the popup.

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+1 for making the word "Attachments" customizable. I posted yesterday asking if this was possible in anyway yet.

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