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Time slider in Map Viewer Beta:

I welcome the Time slider in Map Viewer Beta. However, there are some issues:

I have some time enabled data ranging from 21 September 2019 to 14 November 2019, but the start and end dates won't move beyond March 2019!

Only US date format is permitted. Please enable other formats.


Visualisation of earlier centuries and geological time

Earlier centuries: Improve the way AGOL reads data for 19th century and earlier. This is important when using historical data and archaeological data.

Provide scope for geological time e.g. if using time enabled data about ancient volcanic activity or tectonic plate motion; enable reading of data such as BP, MYA, GA

Time slider title and scale options:

Please make it possible to configure the Time slider title and scale e.g. in the Time Aware app (this has disappeared - a great shame given that the Map Viewer Beta options aren't ready!) it was possible to do this to some extent. This is especially important if a work around has been necessary for 'difficult' time ranges e.g. earlier centuries and geological time (as above).

The Time Slider widget in the Web App Builder provides a little more flexibility, but it is also disappointingly limited.

Here is an example, where the workaround would be to hide the Time Slider 'title', but the best that can be done is to use Date and time format > Custom and type a couple of dots .. but even then a strange default 'to' appears. There must be a better way!


Happy to discuss all of the above.