Map Viewer beta has been updated (November)

11-17-2020 12:42 PM
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You may have noticed Map Viewer Beta was updated last week to include a couple new features. The November update includes the ability to add CSV files from a url as well as automatic preview when configuring pop-ups. Here's a quick rundown of the enhancements.

Add CSV from url

With the latest update to Map Viewer Beta, you can add CSV files from a url. Quickly add data in CSV format to your map using a url. Because the CSV is provided from a url, any updates to the CSV will also be displayed on the map.

AddCSV (1).gif

note: only CSVs with coordinate location fields are supported currently. Support for CSVs with address fields is coming.

Automatically preview pop-up changes

Did you know that you can see pop-up changes dynamically as you make changes in the configuration pane? It's a really helpful feature when building multiple elements or when making changes to maps already in use.  With the latest update, the pop-up for a random feature is automatically opened when the configure pop-up pane is opened. Preview your pop-up configuration while you're making the updates.


Want to see what a specific feature when making updates? Open the pop-up for the desired feature before opening the configuration pane.


  • Another update is coming in a few weeks (charts!).
  • Updated Map Viewer Beta road map for 2021 is in the works; more details coming soon.
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