arcpro grid interval in layout not working when sync values is turned off

03-04-2019 09:30 AM
New Contributor

We want to have a grid interval on our layout with different x and y interval.

In the Format Map Grid we unchecked Automatically adjust, and then in the components tab uncheck sync values and then change the interval, for example to longitude 1 deg and Latitude to 2 degrees.  However, the display does not change, not even when refreshing the screen.

If we turn on Sync Values and make a change, for example 3 degrees the display updates.

Any thoughts on this?  Are we missing something or is this a bug?

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Esri Contributor

Hi Mike,

This is a bug! Excellent catch, I've logged it for my team to fix as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the trouble this is causing in the meantime. 



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