[WinError 3] The system cannot find the path specified

04-24-2020 01:14 PM
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I have taken a course on updating real-time data with python. Toward the latter part of the course i was supposed to update an online feature service in a web map. However, i encountered a FileNotFound error when i ran the script in the python command prompt:

"FileNotFoundError: [WinError 3] The system cannot find the path specified: 'C:\\Users\\user\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpfesd0bnq\\p20\\live.gdb'"

I need help on how to fix it.

Attached is the script I've written.

Thank you.

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Hi Akpakli,

What is the command that you're trying to run in the command prompt? maybe there is a parameter (i.e. file location) that might contain an error and windows can't locate the file. Maybe one of the followings:

  • C:\\Users\\user\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\tmpfesd0bnq\\p20\\live.gdb . the directory user in this case should be replaced by your windows user name.
  • Try to create a folder for the exercise, especially for the Live geodatabase. Use some location other than the ...\\AppData\\Local\\Temp folder. Before running the feed routine in the command prompt, verify that the directory exists and that you can load the feature classes in the geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro.

Good luck!


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