Mosaic to new raster failed

03-05-2021 04:10 PM
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I want to integrate 2 mosaics using mosaic to the new raster but after doing that the output is blank. The format of mosaics is FGDBR. 

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Really need to supply some more info there pal.

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What format are the input rasters? Ensure that the input rasters have same number of bands and same bit depth.

For Landsat 8 image inputs, you may choose 16-bit Unsigned as the Pixel Type.

Alternatively, you may also keep the output in a TIFF format (*.tif).

Mosaic to New Raster - ArcGIS Pro 


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Here are a few reasons for getting a blank raster.  If one of the rasters is having null values or zero values and you have selected the null raster as "First" in mosaic raster. or Second reason is a different pixel type in a different raster i.e. one raster is 8 bit unsigned and 16 bit unsigned.


Just select the mosaic operator properly.


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