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06-01-2021 04:07 AM
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I created geodatabase in ArcGIS pro, which contains a point and line layer (Feature Class). I would like to export my GDB to OSM format of data.

Does anyone know how I can do that? I have seen some solutions for conversion shp2osm but it does not help me, because I want to convert the whole database.

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I believe you can't write the data in OSM format using ArcGIS (even with Data Interoperability). 

You could use ogr2osm for the conversion. Please adhere to the guidelines set by OpenStreetMap (included in the above link).

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I am not sure about converting gdb to OSM, but you can convert your line and point layers to shapefiles as an intermediary step, using the Copy Features tool. Specify a file location for the output and add ".shp" to the end: 



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I have the same issue and I tryed to do convertion with ogr2pbf.

I installed ogr2pbf: via python (pip install ogr2pbf). But I don't understand how to use it if I want to convert some data (gdb or shp) to osm. 
I am new in python :) i hope someone will have the patience to explain to me.

Thank you.

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@MartinAnok you may have more luck posting on the Python question board: