Hello, My name is Jovin Vicent

10-28-2020 11:45 PM
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Hi Everyone, am Jovin Vicent a university student at Ardhi university in Tanzania pursuing Bachelor of science in Geoinformatics. Am in my third year studies and currently doing an intership at Open Map Development Tanzania and we are doing a community based flood mapping in Dar es salaam and building flood resilient communities.The project deals with areas which are affected by floods and are mostly found along the river, so we are working with the local community especially in areas prone to floods and we are able to collect different data which later will help us create different maps based on the existing area , the data will help different institutions and government in planning and solving the societal problems.  The occurence of floods is attributed by different factors such as poor planning as people build the houses near the river sources, also blockage of the drainage systems which may be due to amount of wastes(plastics/cans) and sediments within the river.

We are currently using open source softwares during the mapping such as Q-GIS, JOSM(Java open street map), and different mobile applications during data collection. Other tasks are performed using ArcGIS.

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