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Just to get the ball rolling....Last month I stumbled across the following two Global Forest/Land cover mapping efforts:

1. Land Cover (GLCNMO), Vegetation (Percent Tree Cover)

Which is Japanese led effort that mapped the world at 500 m resolution."Version 1" uses Modis 2003 imagery. "Version 2" uses Modis 2008 imagery. Unfortunately no newer dates so most of the big resent Cambodian deforestation missing but still looks like quite a reasonable mapping effort if you don't mind using a land cover back dating back to 2008.

2. Global Land Cover-SHARE of year 2014 - Beta-Release 1.0

Which is yet another steaming pile of codswallop from the FAO. For example, according to this map Cambodian forests apparently consist mostly of 100% crown cover. Such a complete waste of time and effort.UN REDD is really dead when FAO persists in putting utter crap like this out in the public.



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