Odd Modify By updates in Parcel Fabrtic

12-09-2014 10:43 AM
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We have been working in the Parcel Fabric for a while and we often come across features with "Modified by" of a worker that did not work on that parcel.  For instance, we have a worker who is entering Plat Boundaries.  When he builds these Type 5 parcels, we find that many of the Type 7 Tax parcels inside the polygon boundary have a Modified By attribute of this worker.  However not all, and not just ones touching a border.  However, very few of the Type 6 Lots, which share the same poitns as the Tax Parcels, have this worker listed as modifying them.  The worker is not changing any points, he is just building polys, typically by digitizing lines between existing points in the fabric.  These changes to the Modified By attribute are causing some distress as we no longer have any confidence in this as a tracking tool.

Has anyone else experienced this type of incident, or have any explanation for why this might be?  I had assumed that if someone was just creating Type 5 parcels without changing any existing points or parcels in the fabric, they should not be listed as a modifier of any of the other parcels, even if they share lines or points.

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Hello Matt,

The behavior that you are reporting is coming from the join process.  When joining the Type 5 boundary parcel to the fabric, that already contains Type 7 parcels, creates Line Points in some areas if you create a Line Point join link between the Type 5 and Type 7 parcels.  The creation of line points is triggering the ModifiedBy field on the Type 7 parcels that touch the Type 5 boundary to be updated with your workers information.  My concern is that you are reporting that this is not the case with the Type 6 parcels (Note: I was not able to reproduce this on my end). I suggest that you contact Esri Technical Support so we can further investigation this issue.

Thank you,

Amy Andis

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