NGAC - National Address Database Use Cases - Paper

12-18-2014 12:22 PM

NGAC - National Address Database Use Cases - Paper

Government and business alike depend on addresses to provide essential services. Street addresses are collected and used every minute of every day for emergency response; the consumption of commercial goods and services; mail and package delivery; public and private utility management; voting; taxation; licensing; financial lending and real estate transactions; road maintenance and transit services; market analysis; environmental stewardship; economic development and land use planning; and many other purposes.

Address data are required across all levels of government, as well as within the business community. A single, highly accurate national database would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes within governmental agencies that currently use address data that has been collected from multiple sources. At the federal level alone, addresses are deeply embedded into the daily responsibilities of the following agencies and represent just a fraction of the need for address data: DOT, FEMA, DHS, CDC, CFPB, Census, Social Security Administration, HUD.

Addresses are a cornerstone of our social, commercial, environmental and political systems. The better the address data, the more efficiently and effectively these systems function and the more services that can be provided to improve quality of life for all.


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Videos showcasing the two supported aggregation patterns here.

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