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02-23-2016 04:00 PM
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One of our community asked:

As I continue to attempt to convince one of my local
school Districts to work with me on implementing a comprehensive plan to
incorporate GST as an instructional tool, I have been asked another question I
do not have an answer for.  Is there any research based studies/evidence
which demonstrate that GST improves academic achievement and

I wrote: 

We have been for years maintaining a GIS Education research

You might want to look at the works of these authors – Donna
Goldstein, Sarah Bednarz, for starters.

Joseph Kerski

And some of the results of the SPLINT project in the UK:

One of my colleagues wrote:

Hi Marc,

I am not aware of any direct links to show GST itself improves
understanding/achievement but I usually look at it from the spatial thinking
perspective (it’s not the GST itself – it’s the thinking behind it and how the
material is presented to students), and there is research that shows that
spatial thinking can improve academic achievement. This is an oldy but a goodie
though there may be some newer research out there that others know about.

Sarah Bednarz just gave a great webinar for NCGE on this
concept. Maybe you can check out the archive.

See also -


Another colleague wrote:

I actually did my Master’s research on this topic, and here are
2 references for you -
an article co-written with Dr. Dawn Wright (for conference

and a longer version – research paper

Using Educational Tools and Integrative Experiences via
Geovisualizations that Incorporate Spatial Thinking, Real World Science and
Ocean Literacy Standards in the Classroom: A Case Study Examined



Michelle Kinzel, M.S., GISP

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Thank you for compiling this great resource!