Michigan Specific GeoInquiries

05-22-2020 12:43 PM
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You Can't Miss the Mitten!  

The MI GeoInquiry Team has created the first Michigan specific GeoInquiry.   This particular activity is elementary based, but data layers are enjoyable to all ages!  See the activity and the map.  Our state has a very distinguishable shape, we can put our hand up and tell you where we live, or where we are going for the weekend.  This GeoInquiry is a great introduction to the most significant features of the Great Lakes State, including identifying the regional watershed boundaries for each great lake.  The content is applicable to many concepts and can be used from a wide variety of learners.  This activity could be used for students all over the country, not just residents of the mitten.

The MI GeoInquiry Team is working on completing a total of 5 Michigan specific activities.  Follow in Our Footsteps, a GeoInquiry about Native Americans in Michigan and the region, is being teacher tested now.  The following Michigan Specific GeoInquiries are in the works as well:

Knock, Knock, Who's Where?  -  Elementary Level

Michigan and the Industrial Revolution  -  HS Level

Michigan Money -  MS/HS Level

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