Anyone having issues with importing Students and having the Role switched to "User"

09-27-2018 07:00 AM
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Just wondering if anyone else has this problem a teacher is running into:

"When I tried to import members from a CSV and assign the role, it has been ignoring it, even if I make the role first.  The import just defaults the new members to “user”.  I thought maybe it would only work if there was already a member with that role assigned, so after I imported my real students and assigned the roles manually and after I imported our new teachers and assigned their (Teacher) role manually, I tried a test import with fake members.  I even copied the role names from ArcGIS Online to the spreadsheet, as to avoid any possible typing differences.  The student ones worked, the teachers didn’t."

As a side note, I tried to import 3 students with different roles and levels. "Publisher" worked, but "Administrator" and "User" came back as "User role.

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“For  Role, you cannot select Administrator or a custom role with organization administration privileges during the invitation process. You can change the roleafter the member has joined the organization. If you chose 1 for the member level, you can only select the default Viewer role or a custom role that has some or all of the Viewer privileges.”

Being able to set set the admin role in the csv would help ensure there is more than one admin for the school and produce a record ( csv) as a reminder of who the backup admin is.

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Thank you Allison for the response. A short time after posting I found out about the Admin role, but I didn't know that a level of 1 only supported Viewer. Good to know and understand. Thanks for the link as well.

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What seems like a bug is sometimes a feature for certain users. Commercial licenses pay for every user, and Level2 users can have all kinds of powers, but many commercial users need seats for people who only need to view internal (not shared with the public) content ... so, why pay a Level2 price for someone with minimalist power? Hence the arrival of Level1, a lower cost "view only" user. In contrast, education licenses are encouraged to get as many people as possible using and learning. Thus, ALL users in an Education license are by default Level2. But the powers of administrators are so dramatic that the system designers wanted to create a little safeguard against an admin inattentively assigning admin to someone; an admin must manually elevate an existing user to admin status.

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