Story Map: President Trump's Prospective Nominees

09-22-2020 10:32 AM
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Not sure if this is the best way to share a Story Map for instructional use in the classroom. But, if anyone wants to use this Story Map, please do. It was intended for high school students and teachers. I used President Trump's list of nominees (posted on Ballotpedia), put it in a csv, and added addresses of law schools attended by the nominees as well as the addresses of the current nominees who sit in the Circuit Courts. I focused only on the Circuit Courts and not the District or State Supreme Courts. Check it out; let me know if it works for you in your classes. 

Here's the link to the Story Map

What a beautiful photo. Thought it best to capture RBG in her youth to remind us all that in spite of her iconic image and the RBG memorabilia, she was once young.