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Not sure if this is the best way to share a Story Map for instructional use in the classroom. But, if anyone wants to use this Story Map, please do. It was intended for high school students and teachers. I used President Trump's list of nominees (posted on Ballotpedia), put it in a csv, and added addresses of law schools attended by the nominees as well as the addresses of the current nominees who sit in the Circuit Courts. I focused only on the Circuit Courts and not the District or State Supreme Courts. Check it out; let me know if it works for you in your classes. 

Here's the link to the Story Map

What a beautiful photo. Thought it best to capture RBG in her youth to remind us all that in spite of her iconic image and the RBG memorabilia, she was once young.

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New learning resources from Waters to the Sea®, include Story Map programs on the Mississippi River, Guadalupe River in Texas, and the island of Kauaʻi. See the links below for more info:

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Programmed instruction (PI) has been around for decades – probably 50 years.  It’s designed to provide bite-sized chunks of information that the reader must read and then answer a short question about.  Ideally, if the reader is correct they progress and if wrong, some mitigating instruction is applied.  The example with Survey123 checks the major pedagogical boxes of PI.


Keep in mind, this is not intended to be an assessment.   https://arcg.is/CGyv 


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If you like YouTube and love maps, subscribe to the Mapping Hour content on YouTube.  You'll be the first to know when new content is posted - oftentimes getting a sneak peak at videos before they even post to the home page at http://esriurl.com/mappingHour

Besides, subscribing to the channel helps us better understand the value of the content to you!

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As we create more GeoProject starters, we are creating demonstrations of the technology as examples.  To help seed our newest geoproject, consider completing our survey "My Happy Place".  The complete geoproject will be available soon for teachers to replicate. Explore the map data submitted to the demonstration survey.

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With schools everywhere now out of physical classrooms for weeks or months, educators and parents alike are looking for learning materials that can be used with their students.  We encourage classroom educators to consider the materials below or where appropriate, share the materials with parents.


  1. GIS activities for elementary students
  2. GIS activities for high school students

For other support resources for K12 schools during COVID-19, see this blog post.

Post other activities in a reply below!

Header image: Grand Prismatic, Yellowstone.  Esri Imagery basemap.

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GeoProjects are short tutorials and demonstrations designed to help educators envision and create their own project-based learning (PBL) experiences.  GeoProjects use Survey123, Collector, or QuickCapture so that students can collect and submit data on a topic of teacher or student interest - from the field or from the safety of home.


The GeoProjects hub contains two key areas:

  • GeoProject starters – short tutorials and pre-built demos using Esri data collection tools, on a range of disciplinary topics. We are currently adding more starters.  If you would like to create and share a starter, please email it to schools@esri.com
  • Registry and idea explorer – a place for educators to share ideas about projects that involve data collection. The projects can be real, just a dream, or anywhere in between.  Share you geoproject now.


Explore the GeoProjects Hub >>

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Using GeoInquiries in a virtual course or self-directed learning space


Esri GeoInquiries are designed to be simple, frictionless instructional activities and maps for teachers to deliver verbally - to whole classes of students.  Most teachers don’t teach with GeoInquiries this way, at least not after their first or second use.


If you need additional background on GeoInquiries, explore this storymap and then visit the collections of GeoInquiries.


What many don’t know is that GeoInquiries are now available in two forms: the educator PDF with answers and the student worksheets in Google Docs.  The student worksheets don’t contain answers, but they do contain the map link and instructions.  The student worksheets can be ideal for homework or for plugging into an online or virtual course.  For those that want to spend the time, the worksheets could even be put into a Google Form – sending student answers directly to the teacher.


If your school or district is one of the many making plans to rapidly move to online instruction as a result of an expected corona virus (COVID-19) impact, these resources can be very useful compliments to your other instructional resources.




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Note: the title and focus of this webinar has shifted to better support the shifting education landscape due to COVID-19.  Click the "Register" link below to learn more about the webinar.

Join the Esri K12 Education Team as they discuss creating student research projects with Survey123, ArcGIS Online, and Story Maps. Hear from educators and gather new ideas for springtime outdoor work with students and GIS tools.

Register >>

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