Public Consultation on the INSPIRE Directive

05-03-2021 07:17 AM
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From the European Commission: The Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE), established 14 March 2007, aims to create a European Union spatial data infrastructure for the purposes of EU environmental policies and policies or activities which may have an impact on the environment. This consultation is part of the mandatory evaluation due by 1 January 2022.

This public consultation will assess whether the Directive is:

  • effective and efficient in protecting the environment
  • still relevant for its stakeholders
  • in line with other EU legislation, specifically the new Green Deal data space initiative.

This consultation is open to any interested public or private organisation or individual. The following stakeholders may be particularly interested: bodies and individuals that are managing geospatial data, implementing the INSPIRE Directive or using geospatial data in their day-to-day operations, such as public authorities and administrations at national, regional and local level, environmental non-governmental organisations, professionals in environment protection or geospatial information systems, businesses, academics, interest organisations and private individuals.

The Commission would like to hear your views. Through public consultations you can express your views on aspects of EU laws and policies before the Commission finalises its proposals. You can contribute to this consultation by filling in the online questionnaire.

Public consultation

Feedback period
19 April 2021 - 12 July 2021  (midnight Brussels time)

public consultation

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Dr. Jill Saligoe-Simmel is a 20+year leader of Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) and champion of FAIR and open data.