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Bridging the Digital Divide on Tribal Land

11-17-2021 07:09 AM
by Anonymous User
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Leverage ArcGIS to communicate the need and build your plan for expanding access to broadband

Hear from our Esri experts and learn how tribal communities can promote universal connectivity through a data-driven approach that facilitates collaboration, provides transparency, and drives results.

In this session we discussed the following, all with the goal of helping bridge the digital divide:

  • Broadband availability on tribal land
  • Adoption and infrastructure data available in ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World
  • How ArcGIS and its range of capabilities can be leveraged to help enhance understanding, inform decision-making, and improve program management

Links to resources shared during this session:

Living Atlas of the World

A Systems Approach to Broadband Mapping

Ookla Speedtest

Loudoun Broadband Alliance

FCC Form 477

Learn ArcGIS

Digital Exclusion

ArcGIS Blog

Ready to Use Content

Broadband Hub App

App and data gallery example

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