Point layer buffers not aggregating to polygon neighborhoods - why?

01-29-2020 03:03 AM
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Hi, I've got ArcGis 10.6. I am trying to figure out the volume of people in transition in different neighborhoods. I've got point data on bus stops in a municipality as well as the annual number of people who board the local buses at these bus stops. I've also got a polygon layer with different neighborhoods. Many bus stops are located along major streets, which also serve as boundaries between neighborhoods. In order to deal with this I've created buffers of 100 and 200 m to the point coordinates before aggregating. So far so good. 

However, when I'm trying to aggregate (spatial join in the toolbox) not all buffers are added/counted. The buffers that cross different neighborhood borders are dropped (I want them to count in all the neighborhoods they touch). This happens no matter what spatial join I run. I've tried one-to-one, one-to many, I've tried both polygon and point layers as target and join feuture. I have also tried a merge and intersect. Even when I try to get information on what neighborhoods the different bustop buffers belong to/ touch - the buffers touching two or three neighborhoods are dropped.

Does anybody know how I can get the information on the annual volume of people in transition through the buffers in the different neighborhoods? What am I doing wrong?

Best Regards, Maria Camacho Doyle

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