Where can I find a good list of entry level UAVs that would be compatible with drone2map

03-13-2016 08:48 AM
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i want to test the new drone2map software but don't want to break the bank buying a drone.  Any suggestions?  Looking in the $400-$1000 range.

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Lee, I just came across your question, soory it has not been more timely. The short answer is that the only real must have for drone2map is a system that produces nadir or low oblique images (camera pointed down) and a way to record the 3D GPS coordinates of the location of the images.  Along these lines the 3DR Solo and Phantom 3 work well.

Generally, the essential characteristics for best integration are:

+ Camera or Platform collection of the 3D GPS location of the images

+The ability to record nadir or near nadir imagery  

+A camera model supported in Drone2Map specifically or by default.

+A passable quality sensor

In addition, helpful characteristics are:

+ Efficient way to download the images

+ High image resolution

+ Auto triggered Sensor

+ The ability fly generated way points

+ A mission planning system to generate waypoints with proper overlap

- Doug

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If the Phantom 3 is Drone2Map compatible, I assume the Phantom 4 has to be as well? I contacted DJI and they have zero information on Drone2Map.

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Drone2Map is compatible with drones that collect geotagged images. As long as your drone has GPS data associated with the image, you can use it in Drone2Map.



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Drone2map it is not tied to any one platform.

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Just to add I've had good success with the DJI Phantom 3 and DJI Phantom 4.

It geotags the images which means its one step less to do than the drones with the GoPro cameras.

Their latest entry drone though (dji mavic pro), just starting to ship, might need more research before buying - the fov(field of view) of the camera is a good bit narrower and the focus less automatic and so might be a less suited to mapping. 

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I've had good results with the DJI Mavic Pro. Just need to remember to focus the camera at the elevation you are flying the imagery. There is one issue to be aware of in that the heights recorded in the image metadata are neither record ellipsoidal heights nor MSL altitude of the sensor. This appears to be across the entire DJI product line at the current firmware and not limited to just the Mavic Pro. Another issue is that the GPSAltitude tag in the image metadata if recorded as "below sea level"  or "above sea level" instead of with a sign. Drone2Map interprets both as above sea level. 

GPSAltitude: 23 below sea level   -> 23 meters in Drone2Map   

GPSAltitude: 23 above sea level  -> 23 meters in Drone2Map

Unless you do a lot of work near MSL you may not ever have an issue with the sign but the incorrect data being recorded by the DJI drones can lead to issues. One work around is to use ground control points in Drone2Map which will pull the solution to the right elevation as long as it isn't so far out of bounds that solution fails.

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We just started using the DJI Phantom 4 collecting data and working with Drone2Map. Some adjustments are needed and I can't find documentation that provides instruction for adjustments so I can match the coordinate system and values used for processing in Drone2Map. Our models are actually being displayed below the ground elevation after processing. If anybody has a suggestions on how to match coordinates for the Phantom 4 & Drone2Map for geotagged data processing I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks