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10-10-2019 12:12 PM
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Hi, my company has a drone (DJI Phantom). We take video flybys with it. We use Pix4D Mapper for doing whatever with image processing and such. (I don't use the drone or software so my knowledge is limited on that entire process).

We would like to see a drone video flyover and would like to see the flight line taken by the drone, along with an animated icon that shows where the drone is along the flight line. Does that make sense? Can something like this be done in ArcGIS Online and/or similar products/extensions?

I've seen this type of service provided by OcuMap (OcuMap for 360Panoramic Street Level Mobile Mapping System, 3D imaging ) but I wonder if I can somewhat recreate this with what I have (or if I need just one other software/service). We have ArcGIS Pro (Standard License), ArcGIS Online, and a whole lot of willpower...


Drone2Map for ArcGIS

Drones, UAVs, UAS, and RPAs


ArcGIS for Aviation

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Hi Aaron Woods

Thanks for the response. That does look cool and does what I need it to do. But, does that translate to ArcGIS Online somehow? I would like that same kind of functionality in ArcGIS Online‌.

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There are two options to achieve this in ArcGIS. 

  1. As Aaron noted, you can Use Full Motion Video capabilities of ArcGIS Pro with the Image Analyst Extension. This is designed more for military/law enforcement systems (available on some higher end drones) that include MISB compliant metadata, and provides extensive capabilities to work with video imagery ArcGIS Pro (on the desktop, but not the web).  This includes viewing the sensor track and footprint of the video, potentially in real time.  There is a lot more functionality for annotating, reporting, extracting feature classes, searching for videos, etc.  ArcGIS Pro has the Video Multiplexer geoprocessing tool that can process the video and metadata from a drone, presuming the metadata is complete with position and sensor orientation.
  2. If you want to display video in a web browser with an icon for sensor location and video footprint on the map, you can use  “Oriented Imagery”.  Oriented Imagery focuses on support for imagery that has a partial view above the horizon which make it impractical to project such imagery onto a map.  Oriented Imagery is designed to work with many image modes, including single images, panoramic images, 360 images, video, and more.  With video, the functionality is not as robust as the FMV capabilities available in Image Analyst Extension.  To access video from a DJI Phantom you will need the authoring tools (free from to extract the metadata and host the video on a webserver (e.g. cloud storage) and publish an oriented image catalog (OIC) on ArcGIS Online.  Then you will need a web app to view it – you may want to simply use the app at but it’s likely you’ll want to create your own custom app (Web AppBuilder or Javascript).   


Cody B

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Cody Benkelman 

Sorry for the delayed reply. I really appreciate your response. I have attempted to work through a few of these things but still feel like I'm coming up short. I have the oriented imagery add-in installed into my ArcGIS Pro. But I guess I do not understand how to take a video we made (it's an mp4 and I have it hosted on a web server) and utilize it in ArcGIS Online (or Pro for that matter).

Here are a few places where I'm stuck. In this documentation

Managing and Visualizing Oriented Imagery—Imagery Workflows | ArcGIS 

It says 

  1. Store imagery in cloud storage.
  2. Use ArcGIS Pro to:
    1. Create an empty OIC.
    2. Add imagery to the OIC.
    3. Create coverage features and a coverage map.
    4. Publish the OIC and coverage map to ArcGIS Online.
  3. From ArcGIS Online, add the OIC to ArcGIS Pro or an Oriented Imagery app.

I don't get how to create an empty OIC. All I have is 

which just shows me how I can add OIC. It also says this:

you'll need to create your own OIC. To do this, you'll use a set of Oriented Imagery Management geoprocessing tools available from ArcGIS Online

I still am failing to find where these tools are...

So, I can't get past the first part of step two.

Another issue I have is in using this map: Oriented Imagery Viewer , the documentation says to select a catalog to see how this imagery is used. But, I can't figure out where to turn off and on to see different imagery or changes. This is what I see:


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Just to verify, does the Add Images to Oriented Imagery Catalog support various video formats? I didn't see anything mentioned in the user guide about video formats.

If yes, which video formats are supported?

If yes, does the videofile need to have MISB compliant metadata?

Thank you for any help.

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After you have create the FMV video from your Drone Video and Metadata, you can consider the FMVServer and FMV Widgets on your WAB applications:

Full Motion Video Widget v1.1 

Thank you,

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Hi Laurynas Gedminas,

That looks really cool. It looks like FMV Server is a site and service that you run? What is the cost of hosting the data in FMV Server and the cost of the WAB widget?

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Hey Adrian Welsh‌,

I am one of the developers.

FMVServer can be hosted on premises or used as online service.

for pricing questions please contact

Thank you,


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