Unable to run OptimizeRaster from command line

12-14-2019 02:25 AM
Esri Contributor

I can successfully run the OptimizeRasters script within it's 'Pro Toolbox' but running the script from the command line (python.exe accessible prompt) it fails with the messages:

log-critical:No module named azure.storage.blob

log-critical:Unable to initialize the (Azure) upload module! Check module setup/credentials. Quitting..


I have 'pip-installed' (for c:\Python27) and 'conda installed' (for arcgispro-py3) the azure package and even done it for azure-storage-blob but cannot make progress and receive the same error.

NOTE: I took the command parameters from the successful toolbox run of the script in here: 


and this line in the XML: 

   <Message>-config=C:/Image_Mgmt_Workflows/OptimizeRasters/UserTemplates/Imagery_to_MRF_JPEG_20191214160457.xml -output=imagery -tempoutput=C:\temp -input=D:\client_imagery\input_image -cloudupload=true -outputprofile=client_azure_storage -clouduploadtype=azure -outputbucket=arcgis -cache=D:\client_imagery\imagery_cache -rasterproxypath=D:\client_imagery\raster_proxies



What might be the cause?

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