Spectral Profile chart properties data tab won't load and crashes Pro

12-13-2020 01:40 PM
New Contributor

I'm using Pro 2.6.3 and trying to create a spectral profile. When I select my tif, then go to Raster Layer > Data > Visualize > Create Chart > Spectral Profile, the chart properties data tab won't load correctly and causes Pro to freeze and crash. I don't have this issue if I select Histogram or Scatter Plot. Does anyone know of a solution, or cause for this issue? 

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Esri Contributor

Hey! Can we please get some more information about the imagery you're using? For example, resolution [spatial and spectral!].

Also - it might be worth checking the system requirements to see if there's anything else going on! 


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I've got exactly the same issues (and would have the same screenshot), running 2.7.1. My system meets or exceeds all the requirements. The image I'm trying to profile is the 'Multispectral' raster product of Landsat 8, scene ID: LC08_L1TP_026031_20200710_20200912_02_T1. I've got some training samples and have already run some classifications with them but now I'd like to see what the spectral profiles look like so I can introduce the students in my class to the process of profiling. Should I not be profiling a raster product?


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