Site Scan Checkpoints?

07-15-2020 01:49 PM
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by Anonymous User
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I've been using Site Scan the last couple weeks and am getting more familiar with it. I did have a question or two on flight planning.

1. When drawing a flight area, I can't seem to figure out how to remove the big white points that appear when shaping the area. Sometimes I get too many big points and a weird shape, and it would be nice to hold on a point and remove it. Am I missing something there?

2. I've noticed on corridor flights, the drone seems to stop at each big white point and re-adjusts the camera, and sometimes says something about creating the panoramic image. What is the drone doing at these white points exactly?


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Hi Nathan, 

1. You can delete a flight boundary vertex by double tapping it, a "Remove" option will appear. Alternatively, there is an "Undo" button in the lower right. 

2. When there's the drone is transitioning between two flight legs in Corridor, Vertical or Perimeter scan flight modes, the drone will remain stationary for a few seconds but will be yawing to take 2 or more photos at different angles to ensuring proper overlap for processing. 

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by Anonymous User
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1. Double Tap....that didn't find its way into my logic for deleting a point. I think I tried everything else though. Good to know.

2. Makes sense. This was just new to me so I wanted to make sure it wasn't doing something it shouldn't have been.

Thanks Nico

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