"A core license could not be found."

01-23-2020 11:20 PM
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Trying to run Drone2Map in a disconnected environment. We have licenses for Drone2Map in the portal, but get the message "A core license could not be found" as soon as I try to log in to the portal when starting Drone2Map.

Some have suggested a license conflict between ArcGIS Pro and Drone2Map, but following those suggestions make no difference. 

What might be wrong here?

Portal 10.7

D2M 2.0

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This is most likely a portal issue. If the license did not get applied correctly in Portal, then Drone2Map cannot communicate with it.


Typically you'll need your administrator to remove the license from Portal and reapply it.  If that fails, please contact support@esri.com and open an issue...

Cody B

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