Planning flight path using Drone2Map App

06-06-2017 03:34 AM
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I'm just starting out on using Drone2Map for ArcGIS. I'd like to check if the application allows us to plan a flight path for drones? Otherwise, what other application (e.g. DJI GO 4, or Google Earth kml) would you recommend for planning your flight path?

Also, will Drone2Map app use up AGOL credits for image analysis, since we have to log in to the application using our AGOL accounts?

Thank you.

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I don't believe Drone2Map has flight planning capabilities, but you should check out these apps below to see if they meet your needs.  DJO GO app does allow generating way-points for flying, but if's pretty limited from what I've seen.

Sorry, but I am not sure on the AGOL and credit usage.

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Drone2Map doesn't have flight planning capabilities. There are a few free programs or trial ones out there. I have tried Pix4D App which is free. DroneDeploy app has trial version you can try out. 

If you purchase Drone2Map, it comes with one user license for ArcGIS Online and 500 credits.

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I've tested all the apps that @Trent Reeder listed and use regularly DJI Go4 and DJI GS Pro. DJI GS Pro is a good free app for automated flight paths - works on iPad or mini only; limited to the DJI platform.

What drone you fly also matters specially on the 3rd party tools like DroneDeploy, Litchi, etc. so check if the app supports your aircraft. I meant 3rd party apps to be software not bundled with the drone you bought. A few of these 3rd party apps allow import geospatial formats in varying ways/formats - cloud/device/web; kml, shp, csv; and have app features that let the fly autonomously with the press of a button.  DJI does not allow importing data though they allow you to build your own app with their API.  

Just fair warning when you want to import flight paths or waypoints or POIs and use the software's intelligent features to fly autonomously, consider doing a lot of testing. 

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