Mosaic dataset management

10-04-2015 10:01 PM
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I have a few questions in regard to the management of mosaic datasets, which I am hoping that someone can answer as there seems to be little information in the help documentation.

1. If I delete a mosaic dataset and I have created overviews for that mosaic, can I simply delete the corresponding overview folder for that mosaic. In other words, if I delete a mosaic called xxxx, can I delete the folder xxxx.Overviews created when I made the overviews?

2. Although this is probably not good practice, if I rename a geodatabase containing mosaics, should I rename the corresponding overview folder to match the new name of the geodatabase? From what I have seen, I do not have to rename the overviews folder as they still seem to work after renaming the . Even if I re-work the overviews they still stay in the old folder.

However if I create a new mosaic file in the renamed GDB, it creates a new overview folder with a name corresponding to the new name of the GDB.

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1. Yes you can.

2a. If it works, it works. Why worry about it.


If it really worries you, delete the overviews and start again.

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Ok thanks.

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Renaming the overview folder stops the overviews from working irrespective of whether the GDB has been renamed.

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That's what I thought

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I do not like the default location of the overviews.

I think the best practice is to use the define overviews GP tools to put the overviews somewhere close to the original images.

The mosaic itself sometime builds in a different (smaller) disk (local for server or in ArcSDE). It is not always backed up in the same way as the original images and there are a few other reasons.

I build an OV directory inside (or side by side) with the original images and put the overviews there.

Then you can move or rename your mosaic of FGDB without any problem.

If you delete the original images you delete the overviews with them but not in any other case.