Merging multiple raster files produces incorrect values

09-14-2020 02:24 AM
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I have multiple rasters in .tif (geotiff) format and I´m trying to merge them into one using the Mosaic to New raster tool in ArcGIS(10.7.1). These rasters have a partial overlap between them and are 16bit unsigned int values.

When i merge them using the Mosaic to New raster tool with proper folder locations, the merged file name (something.tif), pixel type (16 bit unsigned int), number of bands (4 - R, G, B and NIR), Mosaic operator (last) and mosaic colourmap (first) selected i get a new raster whose values are sometimes different than the underlying rasters in a few pixels.

For example, these are the values for a colocated pixel: Merged raster: 919,1182,619 Raster 1: 883,1124,631 Raster 2:912,1163,668

The merged raster values are very close to the underlying raster in some pixels and same values in some pixels but shouldn´t it be the same as the last raster encountered throughout the image? Why is it different?

I´ve attached images of these pixel values along with some info on the merge function i ran.

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