Mapping a Georeffenced Tiff that uses a World File (.tfw)

03-01-2018 08:09 AM
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I have a Tiff that is georefferenced using a .tfw. My understanding is that it was georefferenced in NAD 27. I have defined the projection to NAD 27 using the define projection tool yet the tiff draws way out in space somewhere. My first guess is that maybe NAD 27 is the wrong coordinate system but the user is confident it is.

Has anyone had this problem? What am I missing? Is there a way to reverse engineer what the coordinate system should be? 

The TFW looks like this:


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In both Pro (and ArcMap) go to Options, Raster and Imagery, Raster Dataset. You will find a option 'Use world file to define the coordinates of the raster'. Turn this on. If that does not solve it, then set the Map coordinate system to the coordinate system you expect and add a point at the location from the TFW file (in your case 1318093,890483). It should add a point at the top left of the raster. If not the defined coordinate system is incorrect.